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DJ Zenith in Paris
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I am going to Paris from 4 November - 16 December. I haven't had a vacation in three years except for things like going to Burning Man. Burning man with a major sound art camp for 6 - 10 days in the desert in August - September is not exactly what you call a vacation. It's a lot of work. The last month and a half beforehand runs your life about over. Especially if you have a day gig, too.

I took two weeks and went to the east coast earlier this year. But this was to empty my 10' x 10' x 10' storage unit. I worked around the clock. I was so busy in fact that I only got to see the friend I was staying with and my best friend from college and my aunt. I love you Claudio and Leo and Aunt Marjorie. You da' bombses.

How to Get to Paris on No Money:

Many of you think I'm made of money cuz I'm going to Europe. Don't be misled. You can do it too! So I've put this little page together to show you how you can do it, too. But I freely admit that you have to be a little bit crazy to try this. Well maybe a lot. But it comes highly recommended.

Step 1:

Quit Job. Well, no that wasn't in the game plan. However, I was severely burned out and it was time to quit.

Step 2:

Maybe this should be step 1 cuz I'm going on frequent flyer mileage. I had a client that sent me on 100% travel for about 8 weeks so I actually worked in Scottsdale (for example) and lived in SF. I worked in Scottsdale Monday - Thursay. You should watch your frequent flyer programs. The ones that make you schedule one month in advance are really, really inconvenient. That having been communicated, I did plan this a while ago. It only takes 40,000 miles to go to Europe in the off-season. And you can go just off season before it gets too cold or too warm. 40,000 miles can be accomplished very quickly if you cross coasts a couple times of year.

Step 3:

CRAIG'S LIST!!!! --> Thank you internet. Thank you. Thank you. It costs the same as a cheap hotel to get a flat. And prices are the same as SF. So if you can save up an extra months rent somehow. Well, you are on your way.

Step 4:

Food and Beverage. I actually don't eat that much these days. So I can get a croissant for 2 euros. And I usually cut out drinking when I travel 'cuz it's expensive and it's really not necessary. I don't typically tend to eat in restaurants a lot while travelling (or at all). As long as you don't eat in restaurants, you can eat fairly cheaply.

Step 5:

Blog. Get a camera. Invite friends. If any of you are in Paris for the month of November 2005 stop on in! Send me an e-mail.
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Photographs taken by Chris Knight, Armando Cabrera, Casey Currier, Ilan Rosenthal, and Duane Williams.
Images scanned in courtesy of Andrea Drane.
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